2011 Mini Crossman Review and Prices

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2010

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2011 Mini Crossman Buying Advice

The 2011 Mini Crossman is the best car for you if you’re intrigued by a Mini maximized into a subcompact SUV. Think jumbo shrimp.

The 2011 Mini Crossman inflates the Mini Cooper formula with a tall wagon body riding high off the ground. It’ll have all-wheel drive, but won’t be off-road rugged. But with its relatively large tires, fender flares, and roof rack, it could attract men who dismiss the other Minis as a little light in the driving mocs.

Should you wait for the 2011 Mini Crossman? When it debuted for 2002, the original Mini Cooper two-door hatchback made other subcompact coupes seem characterless. The 2011 Crossman could put the same hurt on the new small crossovers from BMW, Audi and others gathering just over the horizon. They all cross-pollinate upscale subcompact cars with tall-riding AWD wagons to form a fresh model category. Wait for more of them to arrive before deciding whether the 2011 Mini Crossman is the one that sings to you.

2011 Mini Crossman Changes back to top

Styling: In proportion and detail, the 2011 Crossman is unmistakably a Mini. It’s got that familiar bug-eyed face and cheeky oval grille, upright windshield, long flattop roof, and pertly vertical tail. Its dimensions aren’t a little more than Mini-like, however. Overall length is 157 inches, compared to the Mini Cooper coupe’s 145.6 and the Mini Clubman’s 155.8. The Crossman’s 102.7-inch wheelbase – the span between the front and rear axles that defines the cabin space – is longer, too, by 5.5 and 2.3 inches, respectively. Perhaps most noticeable is its height and width. A suspension elevated by maybe two inches, combined with a slightly higher roof make it at least three inches taller than the Clubman, not counting the available luggage rack. At 72 inches across, it’s broader than a Honda CR-V SUV and makes the 66.3-inch wide Cooper and Clubman look narrow as canoes in comparison. Bigger wheels and tires fitted to emphasize its appetite for the outdoors will also make the 2011 Crossman seem buffer. This is the first Mini with four conventional side doors; the Cooper has two and the Clubman adds a rear-hinged half-door on the right side. But while the interior will be roomier and more accessible, its design will mimic the retro-themed look of other Minis.

Mechanical: It’ll be the only Mini model with all-wheel drive, but the 2011 Clubman’s engine won’t be unique. That means a 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 114 horsepower in the base model and 172 in the supercharged S version. Manual and automatic transmissions will be available. Some sources suggest the Clubman could be fitted with a stop-start feature designed to save gas by automatically shutting off the engine when the vehicle is stationary. This might be a concession to the Clubman’s potential pork; it could tip the scales at 3,000 pounds – light for most vehicles but 200-300 pounds heavier than any other Mini. And Mini prides itself on great fuel economy, so stop-start might be a way to keep the Crossman’s fuel economy from embarrassing the family.

Features: Part of any Mini’s appeal is an array of factory accessories that turn an owner with wide imagination and a thick checkbook from customer to customizer. The 2011 Mini Crossman will follow suit, offering combinations of exterior colors and stripes and interior dress-up items such as leather upholstery with contrasting piping, wood trim, even hip headliners. A navigation system, rear obstacle detection, Bluetooth technology and USB iPod connectivity are also on the options list. In keeping with the Crossman’s woodsy image, rubberized flooring and moisture-resistant upholstery might also be available.

2011 Mini Crossman Prices back to top

Prices for the 2011 Mini Crossman were far from set as of this report, but should start around $24,000 for the base model and around $27,000 for a Crossman S. That makes these the most-expensive models in the Mini line, but demand for all Minis is strong and interest in the Crossman figures to be high enough to support that pricing. Add another $1,300 or so for automatic transmission, $2,000 for the nav system, $2,000 for leather, and $1,000 for a sunroof, and you’re looking at $30,000-plus. That figures to bracket the 2011 Mini Crossman between more expensive rivals from BMW and Audi and new subcompact crossovers from such brands as Ford and Kia.

2011 Mini Crossman Fuel Economy back to top

Based on EPA ratings for today’s 2,730-pound Mini Clubman and speculating the 2011 Mini Crossman might weigh 300 pounds more would yield rough estimates of 26 mpg city, 35 mpg highway for the base Crossman, 24/34 for the S model.

2011 Mini Crossman Release Date back to top

The 2011 Mini Crossman will arrive in dealerships by mid 2010.

2011 Mini Crossman Competition back to top

2011 Acura RDX: Due as a redesigned version of the crossover that debuted for 2007, it’s likely to be slightly larger than the Crossman but aim for the same urban-male clientele. Judging from the current RDX, this five-passenger AWD crossover should again handle like a small sports sedan. A softer ride would be welcome, as would less lag from the 240-plus-horsepower four-cylinder engine. A gas-electric hybrid may also be offered. Leather, sunroof, and heated front seats look to be among the many standard features included in sticker prices that should range from $35,000-$38,000.

2011 Audi Q3: Debonair Audi is on a roll and dives into the premium subcompact crossover market with this upscale take on the Tiguan SUV from its parent company, Volkswagen. The Q3 will trade on Audi’s clean styling themes and class-leading cabin décor. It could further stand out by offering a turbodiesel four-cylinder alternative to the standard turbo-gas four. Look for prices to range from around $24,000 to $33,000, depending on model and trim. Sales likely start in mid 2010. 

2011 BMW X1: Mini is a division of German’s BMW and the parent company will field its own interpretation of an upscale subcompact crossover as the X1. Based on the automaker’s smallest model, the 1-Series coupe and convertible, this four-door wagon will have BMW styling and a strong inline-six-cylinder engine. Handling should befit its autobahn breeding. Sales could start in early 2010. Look for a starting price around $35,000.

2011 Mini Crossman Next Steps