Best SUVs and Crossover SUVs of 2010

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2013

Crossovers have supplanted traditional SUVs as America’s dominant species of sport-utility vehicle. Both have wagon bodies with high seating positions and both offer some form of four-wheel drive. The key distinction is that traditional SUVs attach their body to a heavy-duty truck frame; crossovers integrate body and frame to form a lighter, car-type “unibody” structure.  Tow a 7,000-pound motorhome? Get an SUV. Desire that SUV image but want car-like road manners? You’re a crossover candidate.

BEST SUV of 2010
2010 Toyota 4Runner
The 2010 Toyota 4Runner is the SUV of the Year for its steadfast devotion to body-on-frame construction brought up to date with the latest convenience and tech features. The 4Runner is all-new for 2010 and available with seating for seven, abundant luxury options, and a virtually unstoppable off-road edition, the Trail model.  Avoid the almost-always overburdened four-cylinder engine and go for the only occasionally overburdened V-6 (this is a heavy SUV). Base price range: $23,800-$40,600.

BEST Crossover SUV of 2010
2010 Audi Q5
The 2010 Audi Q5 is the Crossover SUV of the Year because it drives not merely like a car but like a premium sporty car. Sharing its DNA with Audi’s fine A4 sedan, the Q5 wraps an urbane compact-sized body around a couture cabin. There’s plenty of room for four adults, handling rewards discriminating drivers, and the only powertrain -- a lively V-6 linked to an at-the-ready all-wheel drive system – is a gem. Base price range: $38,175-$49,675.