New Car Deals for June 2012: Subcompacts

Last Updated: Jun 5, 2012

With sales of these smallest cars on the road continuing to surge, you won’t find big rebates on most popular models like the Chevrolet Sonic or Honda Fit. You will, however, find some relatively generous deals on the segment’s slowest sellers, like the Suzuki SX4 and Smart ForTwo. An additional $1,750 available on the tiny two-seat Smart equates into 14 percent off the $12,490 base price, and that’s not counting the dealer’s discount. Our picks in this segment include the stylish Fiat 500 for coupe lovers, and the Ford Fiesta sedan/four-door hatchback combo. When choosing a subcompact car it’s best to avoid ladling on the options. Stick with the basics. Otherwise, prices can easily and quickly encroach into compact-car territory, where the cars are roomier, and nearly as fuel efficient.

Here are the Best Deals on Subcompact Cars for June 2011:
2012 Smart ForTwo: Up to $1,750 marketing support; 2013 models: 0.9 percent financing to 60 months.
2012 Suzuki SX4: $1,000 cash or 0.0 percent financing to 72 months.
2012 Fiat 500: $500 cash and $1,350 leasing cash or 0.0 percent financing to 60 months. 1.9 percent to 72 months.
2012 Nissan Versa (hatchbacks): $500 cash or $500 and 0.0 percent financing to 36 months, 1.9 to 60 months.
2012 Ford Fiesta
: $250 cash or 1.9 percent financing to 36 months, 2.9 to 48 months, 3.9 to 60 months, 5.9 to 72 months.